Yoram Yovell

Prof Yoram Yovell is a highly respected psychiatrist, brain researcher, psychoanalyst, TV presenter, author, and international keynote speaker.

He is known for his powerful presentations and his reputation as a speaker and a TV presenter is built on his ability to teach complex scientific issues in an easily accessible manner, with warmth, humor, and honesty.

Prof. Yovell inspires his audience and leaves them with implementable tips that will empower their lives not only in the work environment but also in their personal lives as individuals.


Keynote Speaker

The Therapist-Manager | Prof Yoram Yovell

The Therapist-Manager

Happiness as a Key to Excellence and Innovation

Happiness as a Key to Excellence and Innovation

The science of success | Prof Yoram Yovell

The science of success

Upcoming Keynote

קורס פסיכולוגיה מעשית | פרופסור יורם יובל


A course in practical Psychology

“If it’s love” about relationships, “There’s not another day” about reconciliation, and “The science of success” about self-fulfillment.