Professor Yoram Yovell – psychiatrist, brain researcher and a psychoanalyst. He teaches at the Hebrew University’s School of Medicine and at Hadassah Ein-Karem Hospital in Jerusalem.

He is the author of bestsellers “Brainstorm” and “What Is Love” (Keshet Publishing House). He has presented and served as scientific advisor for the (Keshet) TV series: “How to be Happy in Six Lessons”, “How to Succeed in Six Lessons”, and “A Happy Family in Six Lessons”. In addition, he hosts the successful interview program “Sihat Nefesh” for many years on Educational TV and Channel 8.

Yovell’s scientific and medical training, the fields of knowledge in which he excels, and his ability to teach complex scientific issues in a language understandable by all, have all contributed to making him a fascinating lecturer who is always in great demand both in Israel and around the world.