The Neuroscience of Social Media Marketing: The Surprising Connection Between Social Media, Marketing, and Our Brain

How have we all become so addicted to social media? Would we be able to do without it? Are social platforms stronger advertising media than other channels? And might these be related to the way our brain works?

This talk covers some psychoanalytical facts that marketing and sales professionals should know about the function of the human brain in order to optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns and marketing efforts.

Prof. Yoram Yovell is a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and leading brain researcher in his field. He lectures at Hebrew University’s School of Medicine and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. He is the author of two bestsellers: Brainstorm and What Is Love. He has presented and served as a scientific advisor for the (Keshet) TV series How to be Happy in Six LessonsHow to Succeed in Six Lessons, and A Happy Family in Six Lessons. In addition, he has hosted the successful interview program, Sihat Nefesh for many years on Educational TV and Channel 8.

Yuval Hollander is a digital strategy expert and advertising consultant, with 20 years’ experience in online advertising. Formerly the Chief Digital Officer for Israel’s leading advertising agencies, he is the Founder and CEO of HD Interactive, as well as Head of Social Media Studies at Habetsefer, Israel’s Advertising Agencies Academy. He is a skipper and a drummer in his free time.

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